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  • McKinsey Changes Strategy
    After a string of missteps, McKinsey’s elite have voted to end Managing Partner Kevin Sneader’s reign on the first after three years leading the consultancy.
  • Users Given Ultimatum with WhatsApp Privacy Update
    Dubbed as a business update, WhatsApp’s proposed privacy update has stirred a debate whether or not it is actually a data grab for the core Facebook business.
  • McKinsey & Company Undergoes Leadership Elections
    McKinsey & Company is the trusted advisor and counselor to many of the world’s most influential businesses and institutions. Every 3 years they elect a Managing Partner to be their own internal influential counsellor.
  • United States Re-Joins the Paris Climate Pact
    On the December 12th, 2015, 197 countries signed the Paris Climate Pact. An agreement holding the signatories to do all they can to limit their effect on climate.
  • Facebook Hits the News by Banning News
    Facebook has blocked Australian news from sharing their journalism. In a bid to equal the finances of online media, regulators have found an unintended consequence.
  • Tesla Did it. Ford, Jaguar Land Rover Plug Into Electric Market
    Tesla’s goal was to accelerate the transition into renewable energy. The announcements by Ford and Jaguar Land Rover to go all electric by 2030 add substance the claim Tesla has achieved its goal.
  • The Most Important Company You’ve Never Heard Of (Probably)
    Peter Thiel is one of the most notable founders out of the dotcom race. Made publicly famous through the Social Network film from his initial stake in Facebook, and more recently with support for Donald Trump. But his company Palantir, is probably the most important company you’ve never heard of.
  • The Stark Difference Between Western and Eastern Reponses to COVID-19
    Painting with a broad brush, the Western world has a higher number of democracies, whereas the Eastern world is more authoritarian. Looking at the data, there’s a stark impact in the COVID-19 response.
  • The Week The Mars Space Race Went Global
    The week the United Arab Emirates and China successfully deployed their missions to orbit Mars. Noone can doubt Space X, headed by Elon Musk, controls the airwaves with the latest and greatest in missions to outer space and the branding which accompanies such missions, but the Hope probe is living up to its monica as the UAE is only the fifth spacefaring entity to do so after the US, the Soviet Union, Europe and India.
  • The Diplomatic Wedge Between Russia and the EU.
    The European Union’s Foreign Minister spoke, the Russians expelled three diplomats, and now there is a wedge between two neighbours.
  • China’s Investment in Europe Disrupts the Status Quo
    On December 30th 2020, the European Union and Beijing reached terms on a new China-EU Comprehensive Agreement on Investment (CAI). This is the second financial programme since 2016 to tilt economic power in the direction of China and away from the West.
  • The Pandemic Has and Hasn’t Changed Everything for Israel
    As of the 3rd of January 2021, 1 million Israelis had the first shot of a two-phase BioNTech/Pfizer vaccine. As of this today, on the 10th of February, over 50% of the population; 3.5 million; had been given the first shot, or fully vaccinated.
  • India’s Role in Fighting Coronavirus
    As the world’s most populous country India possesses a challenge beyond many nations to fight COVID-19.
  • Tesla Drops $1.5 Billion Into Bitcoin
    Elon Musk has topped a week in a Twitter frenzy about Dogecoin, to top it off with Tesla’s investment into Bitcoin.
  • Hindenburg Research Lays out Questions into Clover Health’s Business Vitals.
    On the 4th February Hindenburg Research published their latest report on Clover Health How the “King of SPACs” Lured Retail Investors Into a Broken Business Facing an Active, Undisclosed DOJ Investigation.
  • The Funds & Venture Capitalists Behind Robinhood
    Robinhood completed a further funding round of financing this week. Who are the institutions backing the fintech company.
  • Biden Withdraws Support for Saudi-led Offensive in Yemen
    President Biden’s first move in the Middle East sets a tone starkly different from the Obama Administration.
  • Robinhood, Revolut, Game Stop, and the Arrival of Fintech
    Game Stop sits at a $90 stock price this morning. But this of course does not paint the full picture. Fintech has arrived.

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